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There is a large job shortage in the US and immigration has made it worse. We are being fed pablum and word salads that side-step the truth to make us look the other way.

I submit that it is well past time to draw the line and clamp down. Here are the hard numbers using government data.

Refer to this information when you hear people talk about “solutions to the jobs problem”. Read More »


Government policies can help or hinder job growth. Taxpayer money can be used to create jobs, but this is often temporary unless they become federal workers. Jobs that contribute to the economy are created by the private sector.

18 million immigrants arriving in the US between 2000 and 2014 while 26.2 native Americans 16 and older were unemployed, is the result of policy. In large part, so is our having only created 9.3 million jobs over the same period.

Some businesses, like Microsoft, have been displacing American workers with immigrants to lower costs. Some others are moving offshore to achieve the same result and lower their taxes. Government policies let them do these things and often abet them.

Politicians and now this president (by himself with Obama) make policy.

The positions of the leading candidates are summarized below. Read More »

Perhaps you have started to notice the surging mainstream media’s coverage (hereinafter known on this blog as the “leftstream media”) of illegal alien criminality and the illegal immigrant sanctuary city situation. Largely as a counter to what Donald Trump has forced into the national conversation.

The leftstream media has gone out of its way to avoid these two issues for quite a long time, because they endorse the Democrat’s plan to add to their voting base by importing illegals. Now they are cornered and are resorting to deception, trickery and data manipulation – as usual – to counter The Donald and the broad base of Americans who agree with him.

It is breathtaking cynicism and assumes you are easily manipulated and/or are fundamentally gullible.

Below is the “Acceptance Cycle”. “New Ways” started with The Donald calling out the establishment (both sides). Judging from all the lies and message manipulation that has started, the leftstream media is in the denial dismissal stage on their way to fear/anger.

IO acceptance cycle

Some examples: 1) mixing immigrant with illegal immigration crime figures to water down the high criminality and incarceration numbers of illegal immigrants (particularly Mexicans); and 2) saying Trump said what he did about all immigrants not just Mexicans.

You can learn a lot about this here: