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Debating ideas is a core functional element in a democratic society which values freedom of expression and embraces concepts of equality as America does.

In its best and most acceptable form the debater moves beyond moral and personal instinct onto a plane of logical argument. When done effectively major shifts in public opinion can be effected. This is a skill and usually requires significant topic knowledge, learning around persuasion techniques, and preparation.WFB

[William F. Buckley, Jr.]

And it is an equal-opportunity endeavor; anyone is free to debate anything. As a result it is used by society’s active participants as well as by people such as anarchists and by groups of all stripes who are focused on their narrow cause.

The listeners and voters, us, are mostly off doing something else everyday. If we happen to come into a pivotal debate as a listener or want to comment or participate in one, we are usually in learning mode compared to those advocating.

Because of this, we cannot often: 1) convince ideologues; or 2) out debate them. So we are often left, at the end of the day, with the views we walked in with – perhaps hardened.

The people of the America need to understand that the public voice of issue debaters is a purposeful attempt to change opinion into some new direction or to support a view that person already holds.  It is done with skill and uses psychological concepts often to mask what is really being proposed or discussed.

The Left has brought this to a high art form and it can be seen in the main stream media repeatedly.  Obama was elected on 30-second sound bytes; he fooled everyone and is still at it (or was it all David Axelrod).

Look for manipulation when public voices speak (both sides of the aisle). Try to deduce what their agenda really is.  The times demand it. [image of Saul Alinsky]

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