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Category Archives: The Middle East Cauldron

This morning I listened to one of Ricochet’s podcasts titled, “Q&A, hosted  by Jay Nordlinger, Ep. 18: Clarity on Iran, Etc., from One Who Knows”.

Ricochet is a website for the curious and continual learner.  This Q&A episode was a dialogue between Jay and Elliott Abrams,

The topic was the Iran agreement which is currently in its 60-day review period in Congress.

Practically speaking there is nothing Congress can do to stop the agreement from being implemented.  The explanation is provided in many places on the web.

What they were discussing were implications and future scenarios.

Recommend listening to this podcast if you have 35 minutes; it will be time well spent.  The point of this post, however, is to highlight one area of conversation that took place: how will Israel and the Sunni countries in the region react.  In particular Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Jay Nordlinger paraphrased something he heard from a former Israeli diplomat regarding the Iran agreement:

It really does not matter if Iran uses the A-Bomb against us.  It does not have to.  We will be demoralized.  We will live under this shadow.  People will leave and they will not come to Israel to live.  We will wither under this.”

This strikes me as the best outline of Iran’s strategic plan regarding Israel.  I have never bought into the idea that Iran would attack Israel as a direct war effort.

For those of you who follow this website you know that Sunni Muslims comprise 80% of Muslims world wide and that Sunnis view Shites as heretics.  They have been conflicting in some fashion or another for 4,000 years. Iran is Shia and Saudi Arabia and Jordan are Sunni.

There are a number of scenarios regarding the Sunni-Shia fallout from this agreement.  But it is a near certainty that all the major countries in the region will move to match Iran’s nuclear capabilities sooner rather than later.  They have little choice.


A Google search on, “what caused the rise of ISIS,” produced 1.5 million hits on April 8, 2015.  Lots of information, opinion, and political propaganda.  Books and articles abound.

During what may turn out to be the runup to a Sunni-Shia sectarian war where Syria and ISIS have been the catalysts, this post provides salient facts, a reference, plus new information for those wanting to know what is really up out there.

If you are of the politically correct / revisionist history crowd, prepare to be offended.

There are six parts: Read More »

Of Sunni – Shia


The two main things occurring now in the Middle East are, 1) a boiling Sunni v. Shiite (Saudi Arabia v. Iran) situation presently focused in Syria; and 2) expanding aggression by ISIS, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Saudi Arabia v. Iran situation, if not checked somehow, will lead to a prolonged sectarian war across the region.  And, practically speaking, there is little the US by itself can do about it.

Terrorist organizations will likely be checked by each country individually for the time being, but Read More »