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This category is for things that are worth posting but do not fit neatly elsewhere

Demographics & the Situation of the Main Players


Total estimated Muslim population in the Middle East: 410 million (all country figures below are rounded up).  It is estimated there are 1.5 bil Muslims around the world.

Over the 40 Muslim-dominated countries in the world: 85% are Sunni.

Egypt: 88 mil; 53% Sunni Read More »


Ferguson has a population of around 21,000 of which 13,400 are black.  I am not going to comment on the racial issues of Ferguson, but rather on what the media is covering: riots.

The rioting will stop when the locals no longer support imported professional agitators and anarchists.  The media is covering the riots, but it is not telling you the truth about what is going on. Read More »

This posting is generally crafted as it would be inside the military. It covers: Evangelizing Western Philosophical and Social Conceits;  Crusading and Hegemony in the Middle East; Middle East Hegemony Today; What To Do About ISIS; Analysis; Summary.

It is written in blunt, direct terms, so it is an equal opportunity offender.

Evangelizing Western Philosophical and Social Conceits

As a former US Army Intelligence officer, I remain firmly against trying to impose western liberal democracy upon Middle East fiefdoms and/or tribal/strong man countries there. Read More »