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Category Archives: Sanctuary Cities

As mentioned in a previous post, “The Illegal Immigrant Sham”, July 9, 2015,   Democrats are using illegal immigration to import their own voting bloc because they are consistently unable get a majority of American citizens to vote for them in national elections.

In conjunction, they are actively attempting to rollback state voter ID laws in court.  As of April, 2015, 32 states require some form of voter ID, ranging from strict to light.  A large majority of the public supports photo ID.

Clearly if no ID is required, illegal aliens will be able to vote and they bloc vote Democrat (for now).  The possibility of voter fraud is also far higher in general.

Of course anyone voicing resistance to this nonsense is called, wait for it, racist.

“A federal takeover of election laws—and rolling back state voter-ID laws intended to discourage election fraud—is a high priority for progressives.

“Hillary Clinton has called for a sweeping expansion of federal involvement in elections.

 “The billionaire financier George Soros reportedly has pledged $5 million to bankroll legal challenges to laws like those that Mrs. Clinton decries.

 “She has also endorsed the idea of a federal law permitting convicted felons to vote and allowing individuals, such as students, who reside in one state to vote in another.” (excepts from WSJ, June 11, 2015, Hillary’s Unlawful Plan to Overrule Voter-ID Laws).