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Category Archives: Government Plans

Our current administration (Obama as this is being written) is ideologically aligned in such a way that sweeping changes to our society and potentially how well we thrive in the future may come to the fore.

Some of this is sorely needed. Some of it should be sorely resisted.

This is not another parade of horribles surrounding the craziness going on right now with this administration’s “negotiations” with Iran. But they are crazy and there is a parade of horribles.

It is about whether we should be worried about Iran and the bomb.

Not, is my conclusion. Defense of Israel and our dependence on Middle-East oil are the issues. Analysis follows. Read More »


As everyone with access to daily news knows, Jeb Bush appears to be running for POTUS and is a strong advocate of “Common Core.”

He also advocates legalizing and welcoming more aliens in from Mexico. His characterization of this campaign plank is “an act of love.”

The two are connected.

Common Core is connected to his “immigration reform” ideas, in that it educates immigrants to a common US standard. His vision for America is these two initiatives would result, over the long run, in more working, educated people and an expanded economy.

It worked for him in Florida and he sees it working nationwide. Romney felt the same way about Romneycare while he was governor of MA. Read More »

Along with many, many others I am not a fan of companies such as Bank of America or Citibank, and think even less of the insurance industry.

However, while it makes great theatre for the left, there are some problems with the populous bail out blather being peddled by the likes of “Liz” Warren around corporate cronyism in banking.

I doubt we will ever hear these being shouted from rooftops. Read More »