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Modern technology combines with thoughtful mechanical engineering to produce the “Smart Tractor” to help African farmers increase crop cultivation.

Jehiel Oliver, CEO of Hello Tractor:  “There’s about 35 million small farmers in Nigeria, and 80 percent of that number, about 28 million, pay for off-farm labor [all] at the same time. There’s huge [concurrent] demand for labor, [and] not everyone can pay for high-season help.  As a result, those farmers end up planting later, underusing their land and losing out on income…”

Hello Tractor: provides Smart Tractors on demand for a modest rental fee from local owners ($75/hectare) dramatically improving land yields and adding to general prosperity.

The GPS antenna allows Hello Tractor to track usage and gather data on location, market trends, and uptake.

Low cost, subsidized loans are provided to African entrepreneurs who want to provide local services.

All good.

More Information:


In case you have not heard of this organization.  Check this link:  and the website’s tabs.

In my opinion this is one of the most important programs for small farmers in remote areas.  It is a way to achieve genuine, lasting good and does not push western politics, values, or religion.

Right now the One Acre fund is focused on Africa and their customer base is growing rapidly.  The original Peace Corps did related work, but not using the One Acre Fund program model.

Props to the One Acre Fund.