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As time passes within prosperity, we tend to increasingly indulge our fallen nature. Some try to profit from that.

On Fox’s Brit Bair, I normally just watch the panel segment. Recently one of the commentators, Bob Fournier, bemoaned the public’s growing mistrust of government and other institutional pillars, such as the healthcare industry. In summary, he said it is understandable, but unhealthy (for the republic).

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Anyone inclined to hold that the Reps are racist and Dems are not, or are invested in the Dem agenda, may not like what I am about to say and I am sure there are other reasons people might have for being offended.  No apology is offered.

Have you ever seriously pondered why Dems of today are such advocates of abortion?  At what level does it make sense?  One can look back on their socialist underpinnings and find little there.  This is unusual because nearly all they are today comes out of those playbooks.  Since Dems are the historic party of segregation and slavery, a case could be made for white guilt, but that does not necessarily lead to a position on abortion.  So what is left (pardon the pun)?  Let’s start with first principles.

First Principles

Dems view politics as an existential element of the universe of man, and they project that onto everyone and everything. They play the game for keeps and are deeply committed to gaining and holding power to implement their social agendas. Their general approach is to build “client” groups beholden to them, then to count on that dependency for their vote and to gain a pass on nearly everything they do and say.  To keep the whole machine going, they maintain a university-based “farm team” (as in baseball) of new young people to come into the “system.”

One of the client groups is blacks of whom they make cynical and repeated use – to their ever-lasting shame.  I am not excluding the educated, good-family blacks from this influence, but their primary target is below that level where dependency is the norm is where much of the black population resides.

Destruction of the Black Family

If you have not lived among blacks for much of your life and were not an observant adult before JFK/LBJ came in, you may not be fully aware of how black society was destroyed by leftist utopians starting around that time.  I am not speaking of the Civil Rights Act, which the Dems fought against tooth and nail, but the welfare state.  The chief implementer was Lyndon Baines Johnson, and its genesis was white guilt – Dem white guilt.

The Demon Seeds

Without getting into the weeds of what social welfare was and has become, there are two particular demon seeds that brought down the black family: 1) lenient welfare payment and paying more welfare based on the number of dependent children in their definition of “family”; and 2) not mandating the presence of a married Father. This still remains in place.  The more dependent children you have, the higher your payment.  Added to that, if you are a married family, you receive less in welfare.  In short, you are encouraged to have children and not be married.  The results are predictable: the destruction of the traditional family, high growth of a dependent class, and an increasingly hellish existence.

Were these two provisions to be eliminated and federal monies used to make the black family viable again (broad-based), over time the black population would return to its roots and be better able to prosper. However, they would also be free and no longer dependent.  The Dems are not, and to my knowledge have never, proposed anything like this. In fact, anyone in political life who did so today would be labeled racist and never heard from again; the Dem system is too reliant upon this constituency.

Back Door Eugenics

Meantime the growth of the dependent class of poorly educated blacks (and increasingly whites), if left unchecked while the current welfare system is left in place, has the potential to lead to social chaos or worse.  So, if you are the Dem uber-class, you attempt population control: abortion.  Get next to a Dem who is wired into the system, and eventually he will admit it.

The white population, particularly the middle and lower middle class, often strongly advocates against the abortion culture to protect the integrity of their own societal structure.  They are more aware of what has happened to the blacks.  Mainstream America in general, however, has reservations about or limits they feel should be placed on abortion for that and other reasons.  That is not what lies behind the overall Dem agenda.

I often try to understand why politicians are so consistently willing, year after year, administration after adminstration, to recklessly indebt their constituencies. One easy response, and I have used it myself, is that they are political criminals.  And many are.

But what underlies their acts in this regard? Is it pure narcissism? What could we change in our representative system that would mitigate against this?

The old bring-down-the-man anarchism is juvenille, as is the repeated saw that a new more caring regime will fix everything. Is it, in actuality, that the populus itself is so self-interested that they do not care and the politicians are responding in kind?

That is the conclusion I most often draw and it does not bode well for our collective well-being.

Here is a posting at (link below), regarding Congressional responsibility.

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