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Our youth go into life as an empty canvas. What is the education industry doing right and wrong.

In case you have not heard of this organization.  Check this link:  and the website’s tabs.

In my opinion this is one of the most important programs for small farmers in remote areas.  It is a way to achieve genuine, lasting good and does not push western politics, values, or religion.

Right now the One Acre fund is focused on Africa and their customer base is growing rapidly.  The original Peace Corps did related work, but not using the One Acre Fund program model.

Props to the One Acre Fund.


As everyone with access to daily news knows, Jeb Bush appears to be running for POTUS and is a strong advocate of “Common Core.”

He also advocates legalizing and welcoming more aliens in from Mexico. His characterization of this campaign plank is “an act of love.”

The two are connected.

Common Core is connected to his “immigration reform” ideas, in that it educates immigrants to a common US standard. His vision for America is these two initiatives would result, over the long run, in more working, educated people and an expanded economy.

It worked for him in Florida and he sees it working nationwide. Romney felt the same way about Romneycare while he was governor of MA. Read More »

On Fox’s Brit Bair, I normally just watch the panel segment. Recently one of the commentators, Bob Fournier, bemoaned the public’s growing mistrust of government and other institutional pillars, such as the healthcare industry. In summary, he said it is understandable, but unhealthy (for the republic).

Maybe. Read More »