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Category Archives: Economics

In the past we could ignore this sometimes arcane area of modern man. This is no longer wise.

On Fox’s Brit Bair, I normally just watch the panel segment. Recently one of the commentators, Bob Fournier, bemoaned the public’s growing mistrust of government and other institutional pillars, such as the healthcare industry. In summary, he said it is understandable, but unhealthy (for the republic).

Maybe. Read More »


For all the talk about “government shutdown” and “defaulting on our debts,”  this current bit of theatre is really about paying for new/increased over-debt-limit spending which occurred since last time, and the license to continue to do so.  Most of the public has no idea what is really going on.

Notice the lack of emphasis on explaining or the misdirecting around exactly what the problem is in favor of scare talk.  There is a reason: Read More »

“Immigration reform” in today’s Orwell-esque public discourse (doublespeak) translates into legalization of those who are here illegally and not doing much to discourage future waves of illegal immigration. The aptly named, “Gang of Eight” in the Senate, conjured up a bill for this purpose and then for good measure loaded it with pork for their own benefit.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has been loudly and publically fighting back.

Here we have yet another instance of feel-good self-serving policy making, while substantive solutions to the issues most important to most Americans remain unaddressed. It is difficult not to characterize this one as: the immigration bill is good for us, the public be damned. Read More »