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The Indiana Oracle Blog is a commentary space intended to pass on the collected wisdoms of wise and good people everywhere, and to shine light into some of our darker corners.

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Several categories will be populated with information over time (blog started Jan 09):

Life lessons

Collected wisdoms and anecdotes.

Corporate and Political Criminals

This is an old problem that people with their own interests in mind often distort or hide.


Our youth go into life as an empty canvas. What are we doing right and wrong.


As time passes within prosperity, we tend to increasingly indulge our fallen nature. Some try to profit from that. What are they doing right and wrong.

Government Plans

Our current administration (Obama) is ideologically aligned in such a way that sweeping changes to our society and its ability to thrive may come to the fore. Some of this is sorely needed. Some should just as sorely be resisted.

Political Philosophy

The purpose of this category is to help people understand the actual differences that exist here so that they can better deal with disinformation.


What do the economic terms mean, what is actually going in this area, what did the great founders of economic theory actually say and mean.


We need to ensure that our life-compass is not taken over by those who want to replace it. Neutral truth and information in the hands of citizens is essential.

Disinformation and Propaganda

Probably since before man walked upright, he has been trying to dominate others. The game is the same but the tactics are now consistent with a modern society, i.e. sophisticated and message-oriented. What are we receiving in the way of disinformation and propanganda .


It is important to understand the facts in this area as in many ways our natinal existence depends on energy.

Stock Market

A twice-monthly indicator is published.

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