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It has been openly stated by Democrats that the healthcare system they really want is national single-payer.  Meaning government is the insurer and private insurers are out of the equation or reduced to government agency.  We are on our way. 

Another step from capitalism toward socialism/Marxism awaits a full 6% of the economy.

Government financial offsets to state insurance cooperatives where most of them (perhaps all) are charging agreed-to coverage prices below what their prices would normally be using standard actuarial tables (thereby risking that potential payouts will not be supported by potential payins), are operating in the red and closing or being forced to close.  A run to the bottom has begun where only national single-payer will remain.

Government offsets have fallen to 13% of what was promised.  The reason given is that overall incoming revenues are insufficient.

This is right out of the big government bait and switch playbook, tried and true: create a problem outside government where the solution is more government control and additional spending.

Notice that Obamacare has not been a topic of the POTUS debates so far.  Should it be?  Would it surprise you if Boehner and McConnell were aware of the breakdown of the private Obamacare insurance market and are onboard with single payer, expanded government and increased costs?  Many Democrats certainly are.

One Socialism/Marxism reference:


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