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Government policies can help or hinder job growth. Taxpayer money can be used to create jobs, but this is often temporary unless they become federal workers. Jobs that contribute to the economy are created by the private sector.

18 million immigrants arriving in the US between 2000 and 2014 while 26.2 native Americans 16 and older were unemployed, is the result of policy. In large part, so is our having only created 9.3 million jobs over the same period.

Some businesses, like Microsoft, have been displacing American workers with immigrants to lower costs. Some others are moving offshore to achieve the same result and lower their taxes. Government policies let them do these things and often abet them.

Politicians and now this president (by himself with Obama) make policy.

The positions of the leading candidates are summarized below.

Trump admits that as a businessman he took advantage of whatever the laws were and that he employs thousands of immigrants. Whether he carefully used e-verify during hiring, I doubt.

That said, he has published a comprehensive policy which is focused on slowing illegal immigration, deporting criminals, enforcing visa overstays, mandatory e-verify and giving preference to Americans over immigrants for job placement, among other things.

His policy statement no longer refers so mass deportations.

Fiorina has made consistent statements around immigration, but has no published policy.

This link is a compilation illustrating what Carson’s policies are on immigration. He feels there is a moral responsibility to provide a path to citizenship.

If you wonder whether Rubio is in the pocket of business, his and Schumer’s bill (S.744), which passed the Senate but was killed by the House, would have doubled (yes, doubled) legal immigration and legalized illegal immigrants already in place.

Not much of what Rubio has to say on the campaign trail on the subject of immigration should be taken seriously.

As of today, Cruz has a broad policy, but is light on specifics.

Bush is so deep in the pocket of business that hardly anything he says about immigration outside of amnesty can be believed. The nearly perfect gaff he made but said honestly, was that illegal immigrants come to the US as an act of love for their families. That sentiment informs his policies.

“[his plan] is basically a six-page summary of the Schumer–Rubio bill passed by the Senate in 2013, though without the other 1,194 pages of details. It outlines six enforcement steps that he says must accompany — accompany, not precede — amnesty”. Reference:


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