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There is a large job shortage in the US and immigration has made it worse. We are being fed pablum and word salads that side-step the truth to make us look the other way.

I submit that it is well past time to draw the line and clamp down. Here are the hard numbers using government data.

Refer to this information when you hear people talk about “solutions to the jobs problem”.

There is a Job Shortage

Government data shows that the net growth of immigrants was 12 million (legal and illegal) in the US between January 2000 and December 2014. Before netting to that figure, the total was 18 million. Some place this number nearer 30 million.

Between 2000 and the end of 2014, the native-born population 16 and older grew by 25.2 million.

9.3 million jobs were added, a shortfall of 27.9 million.

This was going on before the Great Recession and continues to this day.

One can slice and dice the data, but this is clear: there is no labor shortage in this country; there is a job shortage and there continues to be one.

Is it any wonder that wages have flat-lined or decreased and that workers remain on social subsistence?

If immigrants created jobs, as is often claimed, they did not make much of a dent. I would love to see hard statistics showing what portion of the jobs immigrants added since 2000 paid wages 60k or higher per year, and, were given to native Americans.

If immigrants increase the tax base, which is also claimed, native workers would not only do that but would reduce social costs.

Businesses Who Want to Employ Immigrants

They should not be able to have it both ways. If businesses want to lower wages (regardless of what the reason may be), they should have to fund a large part of the social safety net that supports many of the displaced workers. This is not the taxpayer’s full responsibility.

Business is getting away with this at the moment. Washington is letting them privatize profit and socialize cost. As usual.

Source for Data:


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