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Monthly Archives: April 2013

There is nothing more despicable than terrorizing an innocent sporting event. While a group of professionals run marathons, 95% are recreational participants who pay a significant sum to run the event and have trained for months.

Carlo Pisacane said in 1857, “…terrorism is propaganda by the deed.” To me, terrorism is a political crime committed by those who want to usurp a regime through intimidation. If a large contingent within a country wants to replace, literally, existing governance and that government forcibly resists, that is one thing (read: places like Syria). History is full of such occurrences. Terrorism is different: It is violent action by a minority wanting to impose its will on a majority.

Apologists for terrorism and advocates of usurpation frequently draw a moral equivalency between modern terrorists and, say, the French resistance in WWII.  This is typical of the kind of political propaganda we are so accustomed to seeing in many areas, and false

In the US, despite the low opinion we have of Washington and how some of our politics clearly aim to replace federalism, no one is interested in anarchy or a bunch of sharia or sunni throwbacks taking over the US. Terrorist masters targeting the US know this is self-evident, even if we may look weak on the surface.

This knowledge makes terrorism on our soil a crime of hate. A capital crime that should be punishable by death.