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Monthly Archives: November 2012

When it comes to the members of Congress and the Executive, so long as they do no harm to the economy or to our national security, and do not further usurp what is left of our freedoms, I am not particularly bothered by who is in the chairs. I advocate politically only when I see any of this going off the rails, which it tends to do on a regular basis.

Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” When I look at Washington, I see both at full throttle most of the time. When I look at the parties, they wax and wane between the two by my lights, but as a decades-long student of history, I see more malice from the left and more idealism for its own sake, and more political stupidity from the right.

On idealism: “Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive.” We have progressed beyond this tipping point. “Dubya” was responsible for it and Obama hammered down the throttle. And here we are.

The blather and Sturm and Drang around the “Cliff” has become white noise, both sides playing chicken with something they created in the first place, both seeing everything through a political calculus. I am not an advisor to the GOP, but I do have a piece of advice for them: If you do not want to become a permanent political extension of the left, say this to the American public, “Raising taxes on those who now already pay most of the taxes is nothing more than an appeal to class warfare. It will accomplish next to nothing regarding deficit spending. On the other hand, we could eliminate 50% of current positions in the federal government with little to no impact on current services. We are open to broadening the tax base, but will not go along with any such proposal which does not simultaneously and permanently reduce spending $1.50 for every $1.00 in new taxation.” Then let it ride.

The election is over. You blew it (and I backed you). More elections are coming and all you can do is hold to your principles while you figure out how to be politically smarter.


If part of your consciousness includes observing the devolution of our culture in America, you are observing cause-effect and human nature at work, along with the ubiquitous bell curve as a predictor of empires.

If you wonder what a cultural devolution may mean to our country now and into the future, it is an ancient as well as a contemporary question, of intellectual as well as visceral importance to most adults.1

America today is an empire just as Egypt, Babylonia, the Romans, the Vikings, the Nazis, the British Commonwealth and Russia were in their day. A student of history knows there are many things that bring down viable empires, but a loss of intrinsic values and economic power are always among the core reasons.

Gibbons,2 for example, gave 15 general reasons for Read More »

While the election is over, the voting process and the campaigning are not. It will continue within a different context. You will now be voting as to whether you support what is happening and the campaigning will be aimed at persuading you to mentally vote, yes.

When I was in college and for some years afterwards, I remember how I dealt with federal-level politics and what was going on there. Basically, there were three forces at work:

  • First, Washington seemed like some amorphous thing that I was unconnected to;
  • Second, the issues could only be understood in sound bites so I listened to the media – when I listened at all;
  • Third, very little of what happened in Washington seemed to affect me directly, and attempts to enlighten me on the deeper aspects of the issues usually failed. I simply lacked the knowledge context to deal with the information.

Whenever you raise your head to listen over the next four years, reacting to political opinion campaigns may be what you will be doing, overtly or subconsciously. In other words, you will be listening to spin presented in sound bites about issues you may or may not fully appreciate.

What I hope to do here is provide you with a small defense system so your opinion vote will be better informed regardless of the foregoing natural forces: The List, The Positions, Become Spin-Proof.

Having worked in marketing I can describe with some authority what a campaign for public opinion is. It is Read More »