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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Received the material at the bottom from an autobiography of Charles Darwin today, re: disbelieving in divine revelation. 

Given the continuing effort by the MSM-academia-political left cabal to suppress the country’s foundation principles and that, along with millions, I am getting pretty much fed up with it, I decided to respond:

My own views on this are complex, but I am not so cocksure as to believe that as a regular human being I can be as conclusive as Darwin presents himself here concerning matters beyond my, and his, temporal grasp.

I accept it has his opinion.  And I accept the fallen nature of man.  I accept the gullibility and innate desire men have to dominate with their views.  I accept a world with ambiguity and vicissitude.  I do not accept darkness and oblivion after death.  And I hope I will be back to try again.

  * * *

“I gradually came to disbelieve in Christianity as a divine revelation.  The fact that many fake religions have spread over large portions of the earth like wildfire had some weight with me.  But I was very unwilling to give up my belief; I feel sure of this for I can remember often an often inventing day-dreams of old letters between distinguished Romans, and manuscripts being discovered at Pompeii or elsewhere, which confirmed in the most striking manner all that was written in the Gospels.

“But I found it more and more difficult, with free scope given to my imagination, to invent evidence which would suffice to convince me.  Thus disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete.  The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct.”


“The budget should be balanced; the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced; and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled.”
Cicero. 106-43 B.C.

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Never mind that. I have a handout I know you will like.


Debt vs. Deficit, Current Situation, The Debt Dynamic

Debt vs. Deficit

Debt is the total amount of money owed by the government. If another budget is ever published, you can see it there.

Deficit is the amount by which spending is higher than revenue. As of this writing we borrow (have a spending deficit of) 36 cents for each dollar spent by government, Read More »

This is about water and how much of it we use.

You may be surprised. Beyond our immediate consumption, water is used in vast quantities.

This is not an “environmentalist” support piece, the crowd who seems intent on moving bad humans back to medieval times.  It is to make you aware of our situation, that some things about water consumption may change, and to help you appreciate that sea water desalination is in our future.

We take fresh water access for granted in most areas of the country.  There are exceptions of course. Florida and areas of California, for example, use and are expanding the use of desalinated sea water for their needs.

Then there is the water consumption of Las Vegas which is out in the middle of the desert. It uses all that water in its Caesar’s Palace fountains and pools (think the movie Ocean’s Eleven) as well as across the city at large, for all but no charge.

Then there are the 311 million of us as individuals and our daily needs, apart from our indulgences. An example of the latter: while we knowingly indulge ourselves with good bottled water, we assume we are doing little harm (wrong).

Granted, it does rain, but Read More »