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Monthly Archives: May 2009

I often try to understand why politicians are so consistently willing, year after year, administration after adminstration, to recklessly indebt their constituencies. One easy response, and I have used it myself, is that they are political criminals.  And many are.

But what underlies their acts in this regard? Is it pure narcissism? What could we change in our representative system that would mitigate against this?

The old bring-down-the-man anarchism is juvenille, as is the repeated saw that a new more caring regime will fix everything. Is it, in actuality, that the populus itself is so self-interested that they do not care and the politicians are responding in kind?

That is the conclusion I most often draw and it does not bode well for our collective well-being.

Here is a posting at (link below), regarding Congressional responsibility.

545 People Responsible for America’s Woes

by Charley Reese
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Obama cited “empathy” as one of the desired criteria for the next nominee to the Supreme Court. One wonders what such a concept would mean in the real world application of jurisprudence.

Click to show "thomas sowell" result 25This article by Thomas Sowell today addresses this point and is reproduced here verbatim.

“Justice David Souter’s retirement from the Supreme Court presents Pres. Barack Obama with his first opportunity to appoint someone to the High Court.

People who are speculating about whether the next nominee will be a woman, a Hispanic, or whatever, are missing the point. Read More »

The inhabitants of the world do not align themselves well or consistently with the ideologies and behavioral theories the elitists use to classify the great unwashed and to “direct” our values and beliefs. We all approach all things through our own lense. All attempts to suppress our individualities ultimately fail.

Want to thank God for something? That is a good candidate