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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Newton’s action-reaction Third Law is still in operation as is the Simple Gravity Pendulum model. It can be argued that the pendulum’s swing toward greed and away from the people who reside at the center, really started to take off during Bush 43’s tenure. As I see it, nothing of consequence has changed in that regard with Obama.

Right now the pendulum is nearing an extreme as the center wakes up to what is really going on. This swing cannot last.

It is only a question of what political / policy form the swing back to the center will take.


This was written as an opinion piece by a member of US Message Board, JimofPennslyvan. It captures the basis for the Tea Party protests [then and now in 2012], and is a good outline of the dangers that lie ahead. You may also want to look at this link:

2010 Budget Blueprint Overspends
in a Long-Term Dangerous Manner

The 2010 Budget bills in both the House and the Senate are extremely bad pieces of legislation for America. The spending levels in these bills are massively irresponsible for their large increases at this time when are country is facing record deficits.

The level of budget deficits both bills plan to bring about are not in line with ordinary Americans values Read More »


Bob McTeer, former President and CEO of the Reserve Bank of Dallas compiled a list of economic wisdoms, reproduced here verbatim.

Bob McTeer’s Commonsense Economics

Several years ago the public affairs staff at the Dallas Fed undertook a project to create a little booklet with the title above containing what they regarded as nuggets of economic wisdom they found in combing through some of my speeches and writings.

That project was never finished. However, in digging up bones recently, I came across some of the quotes they had selected as a beginning. Here they are in case you are interested.

Job creation and job destruction are intertwined. They are both key elements Read More »