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Monthly Archives: March 2009

This is clearly a complex social issue, made more so by the on-going Mexican border control disaster and many of our politicians wanting new voting consituencies whether they are illegal or not.

Just about everyone concerned about the direction of our society would like the drug problem to go away, or at least stay out the sight of polite society.  Meanwhile polite society’s children join right in; the poor even more so.

But with all that is going on in Mexico around drugs right now, it may be time to reconsider this uncomfortable issue.  Here is why Read More »


If a company decides to lower cost via outsourcing in order to maintain a track record of earnings growth, that is a judgment call. In my experience this decision is too easily taken by executives whose primary driver is personal enrichment.

Should we do something to restrict it? I believe we should devise some way to reduce outsourcing as a reflexive action taken by corporate executives. But doing so will be tricky.

Content: The Earnings Aspect, Is Personnel Outsourcing Justified, Should Non-Emergency Outsourcing be Legally Restricted. Read More »

Gay rights is a fairly quiet social topic right now, so perhaps it is time to speak about it away from the media hysteria it once enjoyed.

The term, flyover country, generally refers to the swath of America between New York City/Washington and LA. Here is what I believe are the views on gay rights held by most citizens living in flyover country. Read More »