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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Yes. Here is why.

Populist rhetoric would have you believe that the stock market is the realm of the rich and should be brought low. It is true that a small number of stock market investors are wealthy, but most investors are not, to include most of us and our 401ks.  Whether you are in such a program or not, earnings directly affect you. For those of the kill-Wall Street mind, be careful what you wish for. Read More »


February 15, 2009

Environmental Apocalypse Now? Highly Unlikely

By George Will

We are all very much more concerned about the economy right now than about things suited to a contented state of mind, like global warming. Or aka: the end of the life as we know it if we do not change everything now and make Al Gore more wealthy. Yes, count me a firm skeptic.

George Will generally sits on the right of the political spectrum, but has one of the most insightful minds out there and a keen nose for claptrap regardless of political persuasion.

Below is extracted from his article on the above. Read More »

Reproduced here verbatim.

February 17, 2009

The Madoff Bill

By Dennis Prager

I write this column without any illusion that it will reverse America’s current movement toward socialism. Rather I am writing it primarily so that future generations will not be able to say that the radical and destructive nature of the Obama/Democratic Party’s so-called stimulus plan was unknown at the time. I am writing this so that my children will know that their father vigorously opposed it and why.

How radical — Read More »